Ein Desaster in Dhaka

Taslima Akhter, die Präsidentin einer Gewerkschaft für die Rechte der Näher*innen, Aktivistin und Photografin schickte uns auch einen Bericht.

Everyday thinking situation will be change but getting new information about risk.

Last night I have heard that one garment workers is affected in Chittagong. I need to recheck it.

But if it’s happened that it will be a disaster. Because they live in high density area and worked in high density place. Our government & owner closed all institute school, office, court, transport but not close garment factory. Now after many drama from owner’s side many factories are closed but few are still open. The fear is there.

 Total died 20 today identified 54 and total identified 218. May be today the number will increase.

Here one of my writing that I started early but published on 6th April.

Risk of social isolation and greater health crisis  

I’ve attached a support card that we are using now and some photos. If you want you can share this with my writings to your links, friends and well wishers.