Hilfe in Ruanda angekommen

Der country director Richard Nijimbere bedankte sich für die schnelle Spende der katholischen Kirchengemeinde und den changemakern zur unmittelbaren Lebensmittelversorgung.

And yes, the money sent by Anne Marie is very very helpful! We are giving it to the the neediest refugees who are at risk of starving from hunger and they appreciate sooo much! Thousands are disparate to have at least a meal each day, but we can just support a limited number.

At Oasis of Peace, we have suspended activities to follow the lock-down regulations to avoid spread of Covid-19. But we are working from home, helping the neediest refugees by sending them some money to buy food.

Richard Nijimbere

Wir sind in Kontakt und bereiten den Versand des Containers vor.

Annemarie Keicher, changemaker-Team und Richard sowie Laura